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Lars 5 years ago
She is a nice well shaped sexy girl who deserves to get what she wants
huy 6 years ago
is that her reel bed. is it flat and smelly
mhug 6 years ago
is her bed soft
shes fine 7 years ago
her name is jessica miller and she has wayyyy better videos shes a freak
BDBlack 7 years ago
This may be the lamest fuck video ever.
Good 9 years ago
Good pics
Pretty Teen Blonde is Yummy 11 years ago
Love the sexy pink pants and here tummy and seeing her sitting on the bed from 1:07 to 1:27 is so delicious. She is so pretty and feminine looking. Too bad the guy is a louse in bed, I would have really given it to herr full force to make her climax like crazy. She deserves more than, this. Next time, use her in a lesbian movie with a super hot young chick that knows how to lick her really good.
david romero dominguez 12 years ago
boring and bored bitch
well, 12 years ago
this teeny obviously didnt get what she wanted..
GrahamK 12 years ago
She is clearly totally disinterested in the whole thing